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Welcome to the MileNavigator! Thank you for visiting this site: our goal is to deliver a straightforward and data-driven approach to comparing credit card points and miles programs to give you a clear and brief overview of the exciting and rewarding hobby of travel hacking.


Wells Fargo Propel Re-launch and Go Far Rewards Program Review

WF Visa Signature Card Final

Today we cover Wells Fargo (WF), a sometimes overlooked player in the credit card miles hobby. A ‘too-big-to-fail’ financial institution that is renowned for cross-selling products (e.g. signing up customers for multiple types of accounts and relationships), Wells Fargo has recently been in the news with less-than-positive coverage. Aiming for a fresh start, the bank …

AMEX Platinum adds new non-travel 100$ credit

American Express Platinum Card

Contrary to many other issuers recently cutting their card benefits (as can be seen here, here, and here), American Express just announced an expansion to the perks offered by the Platinum card. Now, as of July 1st, cardholders of personal Platinum-family cards will be able to utilize a 100$ shopping credit with Saks Fifth Avenue.

Credit Score

A good to excellent FICO credit score is highly recommended to make the most of your travel hobby, as this will maximize your ability to get top-tier cards and be targeted for the highest sign-up bonuses. This means that if you have a FICO under 700, I would urge that you exercise caution. While there is nothing wrong (and everything right!) with building up credit, you will likely find only being approved for a few products, especially in the beginning.

If this describes your situation, treat this whole endeavor more as a marathon than a short sprint – it will take time for you to improve your credit so you get access to higher-tier cards and higher credit limits. Generally, the best rewards cards are limited to the top 25% of FICO scores.


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I have been an avid participant in the credit card miles hobby for the past 3 years, allowing me amazing travel experiences around the world that would have otherwise been out of reach. Although I still have much to learn, I am happy to share all of my experiences to date and help guide those new to the exciting and rewarding hobby of travel hacking.

Whenever possible, I will use my real world experience and a data-driven approach with easy visualizations to make the most straightforward comparisons between available cards and their rewards. My goal is for this site to be a comprehensive, one-stop resource that will save you a lot of time in comparing credit card benefits and help you arrive at the most appropriate decision regarding your very own travel adventures!



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