American Express updates tracking of earned Membership Rewards

Good news: it seems AMEX has quietly updated the way they are reporting earned Membership Rewards (MR) points. We recently covered their miles program in detail – Battle of the Big Three – Part 3: Membership Rewards – and I pointed out that their system for tracking pending and earned points was somewhat lacking, especially compared to the ease of Chase’s Ultimate Rewards. Well, apparently, they must’ve read my critique and updated their system to make it more user-friendly! Logging into my account today, this is what I saw in my statement review for one of my cards:


American Express Points Earn 1

As you can see, AMEX now breaks down which transactions earned bonus points right in the statement. This is a huge move forward as it does not require that you separately log into the MR points site, as has been required to date. Just to make sure that this was expanded to other MR-earning cards, I checked another eligible account and saw a similar read-out:

American Express Points Earn 2

It still seems that you have to wait until your statement closes to see this information as my review of pending and posted but not closed transactions did not show a similar summary. However, this is still a big step forward and brings AMEX closer to Chase in making their MR program more user-friendly and competitive. Hopefully, Citi can take note of this and bring their own ThankYou point up to par, as they are now squarely the least transparent of the Big Three programs.

As I have not heard any announcements from AMEX about this change, I am curious if this is a new policy for all accounts or just a beta test for selected cardholders. Please feel free to leave your feedback and share your own experiences so we can get more datapoints!