Premium Card Travel Credit Battle: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Premium Cards Final

Today we’ll be taking a look at the specifics of travel credits, which are a part of all issuers’ premium card offerings. As none of these credits roll over, the ability to utilize them fully is the key to extracting maximum value from each card, and plays an enormous role in determining if the high annual fees are worth applying or keeping a given card. Although these credits are frequently advertised as general travel benefits, the ability to actually apply them to offset purchases ranges from very restricted, such as AMEX’s offerings, to very generous, as is the case with Chase’s and USBank’s top tier products.

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Alternate Bank Program Showdown Part 4: CapitalOne vs Bank of America vs USBank vs Barclays

Capital One Venture Card Final

Our fourth and final installment in this series covers Capital One (CO), which is the smallest bank we have featured, just trailing USBank in size, but which has an impressively large credit card operation. Even if you do not hold any of their cards, you probably are aware of them from their mass direct mail credit card ads in the 90s and early 2000s. As their banking footprint is relatively small, it is not surprising that they do not reward you for having this type of account with them. They are also relatively new to the credit card miles game with only two cards in this category. As before, please keep in mind that I am covering each of these bank programs as unified systems, but the reality is that most of these rewards are tied to a particular card and cannot be pooled or transferred between accounts save for a few exceptions, which I will indicate when appropriate.

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